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Nteje is a Town inside oyi local government area of Anambra state, Nigeria, Africa.

It’s Headquarter of Oyi LGA., That has Five Towns which are Nteje, Awkuzu, Umunya, Nkwelle, Ogbunike.

It is located at the right side of awkuzu from Awka to Onitsha, and left side of awkuzu from Onitsha to Awka, Onitsha Enugu express way.

It links to Nkwelle ezunaka, Umunya Awkuzu in the same oyi LGA., Nsugbe,  Umueri, Nnando, to the Anambra East,

The people believe, love and maintains their good tradition and culture as amended.

The Remarkable bus-stops in Nteje along the Onitsha, Enugu express way, from Onitsha are, Anambra Airport Road bus-stop, Nteje boys bus-stop / Slaughter Nteje bus-stop, Niger cat construction bus-stop, Nteje/ awkuzu bus-stop.

Nteje men are handsome and hardworking and their women are Beautiful and also hardworking,

It has large landmap with much Landmarks, and rich farmlands,

Among the most brilliant Towns in Anambra state, Igbo land, Nigeria, Africa and the world.


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