[KNOWLEDGE] How to download YouTube video,audio to your device on afrik.i.ng

 Download YouTube Audioi/video (mp3/mp4) to your device.


This is how to download media,mp3,mp4, Audio, video, podcasts,etc from YouTube to your device on afrik.i.ng. and outside afrik.i.ng.


There are many contents on afrik.i.ng which you can not download directly from www.afri.i.ng because they don’t have downloading Link Or the downloading Link is redirecting you to another place outside the content or post,


That means we don’t have access to include the content downloading Link, so we can just embed the content on www.afrik.i.ng for you to discover and stream it.t

In here we are teaching you how to download from YouTube and other platforms on afrik.i.ng

YouTube: There are many ways to download YouTube Medias but not legal because YouTube itself doesn’t support downloading to device and afrik.i.ng is not responsible on any outcome of downloading to your device from YouTube or other platforms that doesn’t support downloading.




Step1). When you visit the song (post) on Afriking,

Click on the three (3) dots at the right top of of media as seen here below.

Step2). Click on the on the share icon displayed.

Step3). Click on the copy and Copy the media link.

Step4). Click on the Alternative download link below the media after the download link,

It will take (redirect) you to alternative downloading place on y2meta.com

Step5). Paste the media file you copied to the y2meta.com.

Change to the type of the file media you want to download (i.e, Mp3, video, audio) by clicking the file type,

Chose the file size you want to download by clicking it.

Step6). Click on download mp3 or mp4 (depends) on the file type you choose,

STEP 7). Click on the download popup (link) after the view popup (link) and the file will start downloading to your device

This images and training is with iphone, It may no work exactly the same on other products.

Happy learning!

Connect with the kings!


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