Gabon coup: Military seized power in Gabon, Africa

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Gabon is a country in Central Africa.

Gabon (/ɡəˈbɒn/ gə-BON; French pronunciation: ​[ɡabɔ̃]; Sangu: Ngabu), officially the Gabonese Republic (French: République gabonaise), is a country on the Atlantic coast of Central Africa.

The countries bordered Gabon are Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west.

its population is estimated at 2.3 million people and an area of nearly 270,000 square kilometres (100,000 sq mi), The capital, is Libreville.

Read firstladyship (NEFERTITI) post on Gabon Military coup.

Gabon has become another former French colony to fall to a military coup. The military seized power after the fraudulent election that declared Ali Bongo as the winner.

The Bongo Family Dynasty ruled Gabon for a whopping 56 years. The 64 year-old Ali Bongo took over from his dad (Omar Bongo) only after the latter died in Spain, in 2009.

Since its independence from France in 1960, Gabon has had only three presidents.

Nigeria in West Africa. Gabon is in Central Africa, while Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa. All 3 countries share the same History of fraudulent elections.

Gabon is in Central Africa. Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa. Zimbabwe just concluded their own flawed election, & the 80 year-old Emmerson Mnangagwa retained power.

From Central Africa to West Africa, down to Southern Africa & North Africa, all across Africa, the story is the same. Sit-tight rulers rig themselves into power, they seize power for their own use, & to enrich their acolytes.

The coup d’é·tat sweeping across Africa is in response to this. Do you still wonder why the continent of Africa is not progressing?

Ali Bongo of Gabon, Paul Biya of Cameroon, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda & other sit-tight rulers will steal elections in Africa, then ask their citizens to support their illegitimate rule, “for the peace & the security of their countries.” What are you peace-ing & what are you securing?

Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe is Tinubu in Nigeria. Both stole the election in their countries. Young Africans must pay attention to this trend. Kakistocratic Gerontocrats capture power & cling to it. This is the major cause of coups in Africa. IT IS HOW DEMOCRACY DIED IN AFRICA.

The causes of coup d’etat in Africa.

“Attempts at amending the constitution by leaders, to accommodate tenure elongation. Foisting unpopular persons into positions of power by all means necessary. Manipulation of the electoral process, & buying & selling of votes by politicians & the followership.

No military intervention can take place without active connivance with politicians.”

— Abdulsalami Abubakar on BBC Hausa.

Gabon is yet another blow to France that is still dealing with their losses in Niger, Mali & Burkina Faso. Fall of the Bongo Dynasty will only increase the anti-French sentiments in Gabon, especially in their capital – Libreville.

In the words of John F. Kennedy: “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Africa must begin to move away from its former colonial masters. Africa must say NO! to ‘puppet rulers.’ Africa must shun corruption & fraudulent elections.

My advice to Africans: “When you cheer the overthrow of Black Democracies, when you cheer the rulers who elongate their stay in office, when you steal elections in Africa, know that the fire will enslave you.”


Africa cannot develop with loans & grants. You must renegotiate your trade deals.




The Source of this information to is Twitter, with a Twitter account handle Firstladyship (NEFERTITI).


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