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Make money with by becoming an Agent.

As one of the leading digital Service platform, introduced Agent for people interested working and making money with them both online and offline. has many divisions with many services which includes online shop, Social media services, music distribution and promotions services, Tech business, website/software design and development, etc.

I can’t really explain or tell you all services in this page because they are much than you may expect, for time saving, and truly we are not here for that but for Agent.

You can learn more about by visiting “ plus”, about page which contains almost all their services.

Let’s dive in to Agent and tell you how you can make money with it.


These are some basic ways to make money by being an agent below.

1. Music blogging and services (both Audio and video).

2. Movie Blogging and services.

3. News blogging and services

4. Advertisment services.

5. Referral.

Just mentioned but few.

You can do all these mentioned above and make your money without stress or much requirements.

Kindly contact support for more information on what to do to become an Agent.


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